Self-Checkout Kiosk User Guide

  • Self-Check in/out kiosk allows students, faculties and staff with a valid ICTS-ID to check in/out and renew the books quickly and with ease.
  • The screenshots shown below will explain the process of all the functions on the kiosk.
  • There is an option to change the language: The bottom right corner is provided with 4 buttons (in the order English, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali).


  • All the instructions provided on the screen are self-explanatory. Please read the instructions carefully as you move from one screen to another.
  • On the interface menus such as (Issue/Renew/Return) are shown on the screen, and the user needs to select the desired function.

i) For Issue:

    1) Press OK button for book issue.(Issue Section on Interface)
    > Scan your Member Card - ICTS ID (For scanning the card, hold it near the device which is labeled as Scan Here and upon detecting you will hear a beep sound.

2) (After scanning the Id card, the name of the patron will appear)
    > Click on OK to proceed.

3) Place the item on the Black Square- RFID reader (Black Square) fixed below the Blue pad.
    Keep the books on the blue pad.

4)Title of the book will appear with the Return Date (Date format: Y.M.D)

5) Press End, now a patron can remove the book from the blue pad.

  • (By pressing the End button, there will be two options - Confirm or Skip.)
  • By clicking on Confirm, the user will receive a receipt about the task and the issue process will end, the user can now remove the items.

ii) For Renew:

    1) Press OK (Issue section)

    2) Scan ICTS-ID card, the user name will appear > click OK > issued items list will be shown.
        Press on Renew. Green Button will appear for all the titles.

    3) Press the Green button (right side of title) to renew a book and end the process by pressing on Back.

iii) For Return:
    1) Press OK (Return section)

2) Place the item on the Blue pad and the title will appear.

3) Click on End

4) (Press Confirm to get a receipt or Skip to complete the process)

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