Feynman, Richard; Leighton, Robert; Sands, Matthew & et al.,

Exercises for the Feynman lectures on physics - Newyork Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books group 2014 - 1 v. (various pagings)

Exercises for volume I.
Atoms in motion;
Conservation of energy, statics;
Kepler's laws and gravitation;
Newton's laws;
Conservation of momentum;
Non-relativistic two-body collisions in three dimensions;
Potentials and fields;
Units and dimensions;
Relativistic kinematics and dynamics, mass and rest energy equivalence;
Relativistic energy and momentum;
Rotation in two dimensions, the center of mass;
Angular momentum, the moment of inertia;
Rotation in three dimensions;
The harmonic oscillator, linear differential equations;
Forced oscillations with damping;
Geometrical optics;
Electromagnetic radiation: interference;
Electromagnetic radiation: diffraction;
Electromagnetic radiation: refraction, dispersion, absorption;
Electromagnetic radiation: radiation damping, scattering;
Electromagnetic radiation: polarization;
Electromagnetic radiation: relativistic effects;
Quantum behavior: waves, particles, and photons;
Kinetic theory of gases;
Principles of statistical mechanics;
Applications of kinetic theory: equipartition;
Applications of kinetic theory: transport phenomena;
Illustrations of thermodynamics;
The wave equation, sound;
Linear wave systems: beats, modes;
Fourier analysis of waves;
Exercises for volume II. Electromagnetism;
Differential calculus of vector fields;
Vector integral calculus;
Applications of Gauss' Law;
The electric field in various circumstances;
The electric field in various circumstances (continued);
Electrostatic energy;
Inside dielectrics;
Electrostatic analogs;
The magnetic field in various situations;
The vector potential;
The laws of induction;
Solutions of Maxwell's equations in free space;
Solutions of Maxwell's equations with currents and charges;
AC circuits;
Cavity resonators;
Electrodynamics in relativistic notation;
Lorentz transformations of the fields;
Field energy and field momentum;
Electromagnetic mass;
The motion of charges in electric and magnetic fields;
Refractive index of dense materials;
Reflection from surfaces;
The magnetism of matter;
Paramagnetism and magnetic resonance;
The flow of dry water;
The flow of wet water;
Exercises for volume III. Probability amplitudes;
Identical particles;
Spin one;
Spin one-half;
The dependence of amplitudes on time;
The Hamiltonian matrix;
The ammonia maser;
Other two-state systems;
More two-state systems;
The hyperfine splitting in hydrogen;
Propagation in a crystal lattice;
The independent particle approximation;
The dependence of amplitudes on position;
Angular momentum;
The hydrogen atom and the periodic table;

Combined into one volume for the first time, the updated and clarified Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on Physics provides comprehensive, hands-on practice in all the most important areas of physics--from Newtonian mechanics through the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. A perfect complement to The Feynman Lectures on Physics, these exercises have all been assigned in Caltech's mandatory two-year introductory physics course, either when Richard Feynman was teaching it, or during the nearly two decades that followed when The Feynman Lectures on Physics was used as the textbook. With this modern, easy-to-use volume, students of physics will have a chance to apply what they have learned in the Lectures and to enhance and reinforce the concepts taught by the inimitable Richard Feynman


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