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Overview: The Scientific Information Resource Centre (Library) is the most distinctive structure on campus with its interior spiral ramp leading to a dome that resembles the exterior of the magnificent Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The primary aim of SIRC is to develop, organise, preserve and deliver information and scholarly resources for the ICTS community. SIRC presently has a collection of more than 2600 print books broadly on Physics and Mathematics. Centre subscribes and provides access to electronic resources from renowned publishers like American Mathematical Society, American Meteorological Society, American Physical Society, Annual Reviews, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Springer, and so on. The Centre has access to MathSciNet and Web of Science Databases. In addition, the centre provides access to several e-resources through consortia with other centres of TIFR. SIRC also subscribes to magazines and newspapers of general interest.

SIRC services are completely automated with all the required software tools and RFID technology. The centre provides Photocopying, Interlibrary Loan, and Reference Services.

The centre is supervised by 'SIRC committee' consisting of the librarian and three members from the faculty and administration.

Mr. Devanath P R
Scientific Assistant 'B' (Library)

Opening hours: The SIRC is accessible 24/7. RFID Access Control System will be activated after office hours (from 17:30hrs to 08:30hrs), and on weekends and holidays as well. During the active hours of the system, members may use their valid ICTS Identity card to enter the library, and for the EXIT, there is a sensor point (right side) that unlocks the door when you wave your hand in front of it. 

The security at the reception is issued an access card for the use of emergencies and exigencies.

The following members who would like to access the library beyond office hours and on holidays may contact the concerned office to get a temporary access card.

*The ID cards are strictly NOT TRANSFERABLE and not authorized to use by others.

If you require any assistance, write to library@icts.res.in.

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Opening hours
The Library is accessible 24*7 for ICTS members.
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences - TIFR, Bengaluru, India