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  1. PV-01-Jan-2020--Prof.Manas Kulkarni selected as Bangaluru's Young Achiever in Science


  1. TH-27-Jan-2019--CMB-Bharat project-listening to faintestmurmurs of early universe


  1. TOI-5-Jan-2018--Govts must encourage scale-up of ICTS
  2. DH-5-Jan-2018--Training to scientists in gravitational astronomy
  3. TOI-7-Jan-2018--Maths can be fun if students discover it themselves
  4. DH-15-Mar-2018--India remembers Hawking,great ambassador of science
  5. IE-15-Mar-2018--Stephen Hawking inspired me to pursue Theoretical Physics
  6. TOI-15-Mar-2018--Stephen hawking'svisit was big boost for Indian Scientists
  7. TOI-26-May-2018 US Scientist dedicates book to B'luru physicist
  8. TOI-26-May-2018--Trying to understand end of time to learn its beginning


  1. TOI-2-Jun-2017-- LIGO Detects 3rd Gravitational Wave, Charts new Course
  2. TOI-2-Jun-2017--Having Struck gold, LIGO hopes to detect supernova
  3. TH-6-Oct-2017--Nobel Boost to city's link with LIGO
  4. TOI-9-Oct-2017--Science had a globally chequered past-Roddam
  5. TOI-15-Oct-2017--City LIGO scientist named CIFAR scholar, to get $100k
  6. TH-17-Oct-2017--Observations confirm neutron star merger
  7. DH-2-Nov-2017--Nobel prize winner for Chemistry wants to be a fiction writer
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